The profits of the Broker Election 2022

In the 22nd year of the Brokerwahl, we are once again giving away attractive and high-quality prizes among all participants in the Brokerwahl. This time we have focused on trading, technology, adrenaline and holidays.

1st prize: The 3,000 Euro Trading Depot

Win the 3,000 Euro Trading Depot and increase your return!

Here you can find more info on the 3000 Euro Trading Depot.

2nd prize: Dolce Vita in Rome

Enjoy the dolce vita and "non fare niente" in the Eternal City!

Of course, this price depends on the current Covid situation. Therefore, just in case, we have several equivalent substitute locations such as Paris, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg and many other cities. We'll talk together and see which city fits best depending on the current Corona and lockdown situation! More info on the Dolce Vita in Rome.

3rd to 20th prize

1,000 Euro Apple voucher

With the 1,000 euro voucher for the Apple Store, you can choose the iPad Air, for example. It's the best way to get around - weighing only 460 grams and still packed with power!

More info on the Apple voucher.

17 Amazon vouchers a 50 euros


Win one of the 17 Amazon vouchers worth 50 euros and get one of the featured financial books on ETFs, stocks, forex, CFDs, technical analysis and more!

More info on the Amazon Financial Books Vouchers.

Bonus price


Are you trading at full throttle? Then you've come to the right place! With over 600 hp from the McLAren MP4 12C, you can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds.

Zip around the race track and let your strength run free! Of course you'll get a briefing first - safety first! But then you can get behind the wheel yourself and get going!

And one thing is already guaranteed: Your adrenaline level will reach new heights! Just the right preparation for your next trades. Experience the unbridled power of a real racing car.

Get in, buckle up and off you go!

More info on the McLaren racetrack training.

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