Capital Investment Newsletter

The world of capital investments is very diverse. Thus, private investors are offered many interesting alternatives in addition to the classic equity investment.

This also includes funds and ETFs. With these, investors have the opportunity to spread their risk and at the same time profit from markets in which it is difficult to invest in shares individually. Thus, thematic investment focuses such as commodities, high-tech or pharmaceuticals can be served just as well as regional ones, e.g. China, India, Africa, ...

In addition, ETFs offer a cost-effective alternative to managed funds. And in some constellations they even allow you to invest with a small leverage or to profit from falling share prices.

For investors who would like to leverage their profits, there is a wide range of certificates available. In addition, sideways movements in the market can also be used for one's own success.

In the Capital Investment Newsletter we give our readers a deeper insight into the various alternatives. In addition, products and events are presented.


Editor's note: The Capital Investment Newsletter is currently paused.

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